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Friend Recommends High-efficient Welding and Automation Welding Equipment
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Tianjin Friend Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in welding and cutting will exhibit multiple excellent devices at Tianjin International Automotive Technology & Equipment Exhibition (Booth No.: B23). Friend will show you the advanced welding, dedusting, tooling and protection products, to help your production. 

I. Introduction


Established in 2009 and with a registered capital of RMB 10 million Yuan, Tianjin Friend Technology Co., Ltd. Is a diversified technology and trade company integrating professional welding & cutting system integration, equipment sales, technology services, equipment maintenance, technology consulting and training services. Originated from the homophone of “friend”, it means that Friend will make friends with all from the world. 

II. Advantages


Since its founding, Friend has obtained trust and support from many suppliers and ESAB is one of them. ESAB owns an improved product chain, from the welding equipment, cutting equipment to welding materials. No matter what you are devoted to, ESAB can provide you with the best technical support and solutions. Nowadays, ESAB is walking fast in the automation field. Also, multiple mainstream welding devices have already matched various brand robots perfectly (such as FANUC, KUKA, YASAKAWA, ABB, etc.), thus bringing you more advanced production.


From the perspective of Friend, AOTAI Electric Co., Ltd. stands out among the numerous domestic brands. Relying on talent advantages of Shandong University and the down-to-earth spirit, AOTAI has created the leading domestic AOTAI welding machine. Besides, after the cooperation with FANUC, AOTAI has become compatible with FAUNC robots, thus providing the robot industry with more excellent choices. 


Besides, Friend provides you with a series welding-related equipment and products, including KAISEN dedusting, welding tooling, welding protection, etc. Thus, your complete and reliable production can be guaranteed. 


The other major distinctive of Friend is its Welding Experience Hall. Here, you can not only see the advanced welding equipment but also operate them in person, to feel those equipment’s advancement and stability. Meanwhile, we also offer the after-sales center so as to provide you with the reliable technical services any time.



Focus on the provision of welding and cutting solutions, and be willing to be friends of clients and suppliers forever. 


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+86-22-6563 4212 +86-22-6622 4087

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