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Enter an New Era of Intelligent Manufacturing
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The development trend of this world is great in strength and impetus. Because of the deep integration of new-generation IT and manufacturing, a far-reaching industrial reform is being triggered, and in the meantime, new production modes, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points come into being. Nowadays, all countries are strengthening scientific and technological innovation, with the aim of promoting new breakthroughs in manufacturing, new energy, new materials, etc. In other words, all countries are entering into a new era of intelligent manufacturing.


China - the Largest Robot Market in the World

According to recent reports of CNBC, UlrichSpiesshofer, CEO of the industrial giant in Sweden – ABB, China is leading the global robot market.

Spiesshofer said that China had become “the largest robot market in the world” and such a leading role was quite likely to continue through next year. He pointed out, “apparently, ABB exerts enormous effects on China’s market. We began investing in China 10 years ago and such a long-term investment is gaining returns”.

Also, Spiesshofer expressed China not only wanted to be a leader of the global robot industry. “The development of China’s robot market is quite steady. I just want to tell people around the world that the robot industry in China embraces huge development opportunities”, he said.


In the face of a new journey of intelligent manufacturing, China’s robots have stood out. The market here is huge, and especially at present, China has become the world’s largest robot market, which pulls open the curtain of a new era of China’s intelligent manufacturing.


New Era, New Journey, Manufacturing Ushers in Major Opportunities

Though China is a major manufacturing country, it is not a strong one. In recent years, China’s manufacturing faces double pressure from an increase in both labor cost and cost of raw materials; besides, cost advantages in the traditional layer have gradually disappeared, and the transformation of manufacturing is extremely urgent. However, at this moment, the concept of Industry 4.0 renounces the world splendidly and goes popular rapidly throughout the world. Actually, it means intelligent manufacturing if put in a simple way.

Cyber-physical system-based intelligent manufacturing such as intelligent equipment, smart factory, etc. is leading the transformation of manufacturing methods. Network crowdsourcing, collaborated design, large-scale personalized customization, precision supply chain management, product life-cycle management, e-commerce, and so on are reshaping the industrial value chain system. Wearable smart products, intelligent home appliances, intelligent cars, and other intelligent terminal products constantly expand new fields of manufacturing. Thus, transformation & upgrading, innovation and development of China’s manufacturing usher in major opportunities.



Intelligent manufacturing will radically change the production mode of traditional manufacturing, thus making China’s manufacturing realize industrial transformation rapidly. In this layer, China needs to compete with traditional manufacturing powers like Japan and Germany, which is obviously important.

“CIRE” Boosts Transformation and Upgrading of Manufacturing

Tianjin International Robot Exhibition (“CIRE” for short) exactly follows the national strategic policy of deeply integrating intelligence and manufacturing, firmly boosts the “green transformation & upgrading” of manufacturing, effectively blends industry information, and creates a premier intelligent manufacturing event.


As a star event concurrent with Tianjin International Industrial Expo. (“CIEX” for short), CIRE has been successfully held for 6 times and its 7th session will be held on March 15-18, 2018 at Tianjin Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center. By then, over 400 famous exhibitors of the whole industrial chain including robot body, robot parts & accessories, robot system integration, robot vision, industrial automation, intelligent logistics, intelligent assembly line, service robot, etc. will be gathered, and thus more than 30,000 visitors will be attracted, which will effectively guarantee the on-site technical exchanges, trade cooperation, and transaction concluding.


CIRE is a good platform for product presentation, transaction concluding, and trade cooperation, represented by the following aspects:

Ø  Matching market demands with equipment output efficiently

Ø  Strengthening marketing, production management and competitiveness of SMEs

Ø  Boosting the transformation from “Made in China” into “Intelligently Made in China”

Ø  Contributing to the promotion of supply-side reform and realization of “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”

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