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ABB | YuMi Opens an New Era for Robots
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ABB | YuMi Opens an New Era for Robots

As a global leading technology enterprise in electrical products, robots and motion control, industrial automation and power grid, ABB devotes to helping customers in electricity, industry, transportation and infrastructure improve their performance. ABB R&D teams in China have led or participated in R&D of the intelligent sensor, 800 KV gas insulated switchgear, dry air ring main unit, two-arm robot, YuMi, “i-home” wireless smart home system, Terra 53Z DC quick-charging device, and other projects.




Man-machine Collaboration

The user-friendly two-arm robot is ground-breaking in functions and aims to unlock the global extra automation potential in terms of industry. YuMi manifests a new era of automation, like the component assembly which realizes cooperation between men and robots at one task. Safety is based on the functions of robots themselves. YuMi not only eliminates the barriers blocking man-machine collaboration but also makes robots completely get rid of constraints from the guard rail or enclosure.

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Two-arm Robot

With the accurate eyesight, agile clamp, sensitive force feedback control, flexible software and built-in safety functions, ABB’s two-arm robots allow mass instruction rather than encoding.


On March 15-18, 2018, ABB will be invited to Tianjin International Industrial Expo.

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