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Chances to “Robot” Industry by Transformation of China’s Manufacturing
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Chances to “Robot” Industry by Transformation of China’s Manufacturing

                                      By Journalist Liu Jiayu


Tianjin, March 9 China News Service - The 13th Tianjin International Industrial Expo. opened on March 9, 2017 in Tianjin where nearly 1,000 industrial robot enterprises from many countries and regions around the world gathered together to grab a piece of the market share in China.


On March 9, 2017, the 6th Tianjin International Robot Exhibition was kicked off at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Photographed by Tong Yu, Journalist of China News Service


Before the Kawasaki Robot booth were crowded people who scrambled to see “Duorou” Robot- the only robot with double wrists in the Chinese market, and the robot was drawing pictures for field visitors. With a drawing pen in the right hand and a writing one in the left, “Duorou” could present a living portrait into people’s eyes in a moment. According to Mr. Isobe Tadashi, GM of Kawasaki Tianjin Branch, China’s automotive industry had become quite automated and robot markets in general industries such as electronic information in the future would embrace a huge potential market. He said, over the past 11 years since their robots’ entering into the Chinese market, the sales of Kawasaki robots had increased at the rate of 20% each year, and the sales growth in 2016 increased by 70%. Therefore, Kawasaki had planned to produce “Duorou” robots in China since 2017.


Mr. Dong Zhonglong, GM of Litz Hitech Corp. North China, also thought China’s intelligent market was promising. He said, at present, the mid-low end manufacturing products were sluggish, but the demands for those high-end products were increasing, which was an opportunity brought by the transformation of China’s manufacturing. The sales growth of intelligent machine tool products of their company was expected to increase to 40% to 50%, reaching the peak of sales.


Seeing the vast market potential, local enterprises in China were also eager to have a try. Suzhou Shenyun Robot Co., Ltd. participated in this Exhibition for the first time with the latest developed pressing robot 100% made in China. From GM Mr. Hu Guoping, the pressing industry carried great safety loopholes and costed a lot in labor all the year round, but pressing robots could continuously work for 24 hours without no error, which was quite favorable to the development of this industry. In the same period of time, 20 people could create the output value of 2 million yuan in the past, while with robots, 3 people 4 million yuan.


Sponsored by China Machinery Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council and Zhenwei Exhibition Corp., CIEX2017 set up 6 exhibitions, including Robot, CNC Machine Tool, etc. Among all of them, the industrial robot exhibition had become the largest robot exhibition in China Mainland.

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(Executive Editors: Yangyu Boluo, Shen Guangqian)



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