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Robot Seminar 2017
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Robot Seminar 2017

Robot Seminar 2017

March 9, 2017 Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Centre, Tianjin, China


9 March, 2017 (Thursday)


Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China





Brief Introduction

As one of the most developed area, Tianjin has the unique advantage in robot industry. The total industrial value out-put of Tianjin will beyond 20 billion yuan in 2020. According to the three-year plan of Tianjin high-end equipment industry development, Tianjin’s robot industry will focus on core technology, strongly drive industrial robot, service robot and specialized robot, create Intellectually Manufactured in China.


Under this condition, sponsored by Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd and OFweek, organized by OFweek, Robot Seminar 2017(hereinafter referred as Seminar) will be hosted on March 10, 2017 in Tianjin. Seminar emphasizes on robot technology and creates an industry-university-research cooperation platform. Gathering core accessory supplier, robot manufacturer, robot part supplier, system integrator, user and investor to the Seminar, the specialists from the industry will discuss about the development of industrial robot, analyzing market condition, developing direction and investment and financing and opportunities in the industry so as to promote the healthy and fast development of Chinese robot industry. The organizer warmly welcome relevant expert present in the Seminar!



Seminar: focus on the tendency of robot industry

Dialogue: Distinguished guests share their mind with enterprises with hot topics.

Marketing: Share the research achievement and experience in marketing development with industry specialists, obtaining different solution methods in enterprise development.

Media: Inviting senior media report the forum specially, brand promotion and business development are easier through the platform.

Network: More than 500 specialists from world famous enterprises in robot industry will share their mind with enterprises.  It will be a good chance to meet the person you want to meet.


Present Members

Robot Complete Machine Manufacturers/System Integrators;

Electrical Machine/Servo System/Driving System/Reducer;

Robot Sales Distributors/Agents/Part Suppliers (Sensor/Machine Vision/Drive System/Guide Rail/Robot Arm. . .)

Welding, Cutting, Painting, Polishing, Punching, Snatching and Other User Companies (Automobile/Parts/Chemical Engineering/Agricultural Machinery/Machine Tool/Metallurgy/Mold. . .);

Carrying and Stacking User Company (Logistics/Storage. . .)

Packaging/Assembly/Paster/Sorting/Detection and Other User Companies (Food/Drink/Medical/3C. . .)

Robot Research Institutions/Universities/Investment Organizations


Seminar Schedule




Registration & Opening Ceremony


Welcoming Speech

Part 1

Market and Investment Direction


Transformation Road   for China Manufacturing Industry in“Internet+” Era

Robot Core Part Current and Future Situation   Analysis
  Industry Robot System Integration Development Analysis
  The robot Industry China Investment Opportunity Analysis

Humanoid Robot Potential Development and   Evolutionary Direction Analysis

Service Robot Diversified Development Trend Analysis

Part 2

Technology and Application   Direction


Study on Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Robot Key Technology

The Importance of   Building Robot Ecological System Analysis

Artificial Intelligence   Application and Research in the Field of Robot 
  Key Technology Research in Machine Vision
  Collaborative Robot Technology Innovation Path 
  Robot Technology Application & Research in   Subdivision Field

Service Robot Industry Technical Innovation Direction Research

Part 3

Panel Discussion

1.Robot Potential Development and Evolution Direction in Future

2. The   Impact of Household Application Enterprises Entering into Robot Industry 
3.Domestic Robot Technology Direction Research

Interaction + Business   Dinner(Limited Distinguished Guests)

Previous Guests

Zhang Bo ,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  

Zhang Jianwei, Professor, University of Hamburg

Wanggang,Professor, College of mechanical engineering, Tianjin University

Cao Guangzhong, Ph.D, College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering, Shenzhen University

Cheng Dingfang, Director/Professor, Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Institute, Wuhan University of Technology

Jialin, Sales Manager, Robot Assemble & Test Application Department, ABB

Wang Qiyuan, Deputy Chief, Robot Technical Center, Fanuc

Zhai Wenjun, Major Custom Manager, COUMA

Liu Yanfeng, Manager, Department of Technology, Kawasaki

Deng Xiaohui, Vice President, Zhenwei Exhibition Corp.


Liu Qi, Project Manager, Tianjin TEDA Technological Development Group

Wei Xianfeng, Vice Mayor, The City of Luoyang People’s Government, Henan

Zhu Jihua, Senior Executive,  DENSO China

Sun Yuanxiang, Sales Manager, Hyundai

Wulei, President of Science & Technology Institute, Luoyang University

Lei Weiming, Marketing Development Manager of Asia Pacific, Siemens

Xin Zhi, Regional Sales Director, KUKA

Luo Bei, Senior Manager, Robot Department, ABB

Tong Liang, Director, Department of Robot System Engineering, FANUC

Dong Min, Senior Technical Consultant of Automobile Information, Rockwell

Xu Hu, Senior Product Manager of Cognex

Wu Wei, Vice General Manager, ESTUN Robotics

Huang Zhangquan, Central China Regional, Manager, Epson (China)

Chen Long, Sales Manager, Staubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronic

Chen Qizhong, R&D Director, GSK CNC Equipment

Chenyang, Product Engineer, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Tang Xiaoping, Vice General Manager, Tsino-Dynatronel Electrical Technology

Ruan Mingcong, Director, Guangdong Topstar Technology

Chen Peizheng, Vice General Manager,  Shenzhen Inovance Technology

Li Yuewei, Marketing Director, ADTECH

Chen Bo, Director of Investment Department, Shenzhen Leaguer Finance Co., Ltd.

Zhang Guoping, Technical Director, Shenzhen Han's Motor S&T Co., Ltd.

Fu Wenyang, Executive Director/Doctor, Guangdong Zhongde Gongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Yu Zhichen, CEO, Turing Robot

Gaoxiang, Chaiman Assistant, Ecovacs Robotics

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